The Direction of Performing the Cultural and Artistic Festival of Imam Reza (AS)

The Direction of Performing the Cultural and Artistic Festival of Imam Reza (AS)
Foreword The birthday of the eighth luminous star of Velayat sky, Imam Reza (P.B.U.H), is one of those days that Shias endear every year and establish numerous programs throughout the country, especially in the holy shrine, to celebrate his birth. In executing the regulation No 3471/8247 dated on the 2/2/1385 finalized by the council of ministers, To spread the blessed Razavi culture For the necessity of defining a program about heavenly doorway of Imam Reza with national and international recognition as a turning point in the country’s culture and art report in the days of cerebrating his birthday, to pay the duty and present the devotion to eighth Imam, the cultural and artistic festival of Imam Reza will be performed annually and based on this direction.

 Article 1-targets

1- To spread the cultural, Artistic and religious activities related to the Maasoomin manner, especially Imam Reza. 

2- To endear the producers and creators of the superior cultural and artistic impressions in the field of manner, personality and knowledge of Imam Reza, and helping to produce and publish these impressions in a wider range



 Article 2-pillar

A) Parliamentary of policy making and programming 

1- The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance

2- The assistant of the prime minister and the head of Cultural Heritage Organization, Hand crafts and Tourism

3- The governor of Khorasan e Razavi 

4- The representative of mashhad and kalaat inhabitants in parliamentary of Islamic Republic or Iran.

5- The custodianship successor of Astan Ghuds Razavi

6- The head of Islamic Republic of Iran broadcasting

7- The international assistant of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization

8- The representative of Vali Faghih(Ayat Allah Khamneyi) and the supervisor of Endowments and Charity Affairs Organization

9- The Social and Cultural Affairs assistant of Tehran Municipality.

10- The Training assistant of Education Ministry

11- The representative of Ahl ul Bait World Assembly 

12- The administrative and financial assistant and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Affairs in the provinces

13_ Deputy Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in Cinema and Audio Visual Affairs

14_the cultural affairs assistant of the Cultural and Islamic Guidance Ministry

15_the artistic affairs assistant of the Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry

16_ the advisor and representative of the Culture and Islamic Guidance minister in Cultural and Artistic Festival of Imam Reza

17_The advisor of the minister and director general of the centre of arrangement, extending and advancement of Qur`anic activities

18_The director general of general affairs office in Cultural and Islamic Guidance Ministry 

and based on the described duties predicted in the articles of association, they will do the affairs of policy making, supporting and leading the processes of the festival .they will also select the secretary and the secretor controller of the festival.
B) The executive council

This council is responsible for performing all affairs of the festival. The members of this council are the General Offices of Culture and Islamic Guidance representatives in the provinces, organizations and specialised departments to perform the programmes of the festival.

C) Scientific council

This council is responsible for determining the rules of selection, judgments and choosing the impressions for endearing the producers and creators which will be selected with the suggestion of the secretary and confirmation of the festivals supervisor

D) Supervisor

The duty of supervisor is to study and control the process of the execution and present a quality control report of the festival to policy making and programming parliamentary. They will do the responsibilities as the representative of the minister under his order.

E) Personal assistant

The assistant of cultural and artistic festival of Imam Reza is responsible for performing the festival and its quality. This becomes appointed by order of the minister and gets responsible of doing the duties in the frame of determined regulations and policies by policy making parliamentary.

F) Secretary

The permanent secretary of cultural and artistic festival of Imam Reza which is formed in the decree No 34871/8782 dated on the 3/2/1385 by the ministers’ council. This will be established in Mashhad and will be responsible of supporting the performing of the festival in national and international levels. This secretary will do the duties under the supervision of the secretary.

Note: the articles of association and the related rules will be provided by secretary and will be approve in programming parliamentary of culture and Islamic guidance ministry.
 Article 3-Policies

1- publication of Razavi manner and culture as one of the foundations of the society’s public culture, and the pivot of unity in Islamic Iran

2- To absorb and attract the materialistic and spiritual helps of Imam Reza`s devotees in the direction of giving certainty to the purposes of the festival.

3-The aim to obtain the supports (financial/legal/moral) from governmental departments and external organizations to perform the festival.

4. To use the institutions and cultural nongovernmental centres in performing the festival

3- To spread the extent of the activities in the national and international level.

 Article 4- Activities

1- The national activities: this part of activities contains:
    * Cultural
    *  Artistic
    *  Dramatic
    *  Media 
    *  Research
which are proportionate with necessities and abilities that can be defined and programmed in each province of the country.

2- International activities: this part of activities is to make each aspect of the festival international under the circumstances of having needed capacities and defining the specific programs in every spot of the world, especially in Islamic countries.

3- To introduce the nominated individuals: In this part, the direction of conditions for selecting and introducing The type of ceremony will be provided by executive council and after confirmation of scientific council will be announced to all co-operators and artists.

 Article 5- The Time of Performing:

This festival will be performed in Mashhad every year in the decade of Karamat as the anniversary of Imam Reza`s birthday. Its grand opening will be performed in Ghom because of Imam masoomeh`s birthday, and its closing will be in holy Mashhad in the day of Imam Reza`s birthday

 Article 6- The Way of Execution:

1- Collecting the program and the annual budget of the festival by executive council and suggesting from secretary to policy making parliamentary to approve.

2. To support the specialized assistances of culture and Islamic guidance ministry in each one of the festival’s programs which is related to the targets of that particular secretary and has been approved in policy making parliamentary.

3. To support the administrative and official assistant and the provinces affairs of the Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry to secure the credit of the festival and to cooperate with the permanent secretary in executing the programmes in country’s provinces.

4. The support of Culture and Islamic Relations Organization from executing the program of this festival defined in an international level

5. The support of provinces throughout the country from the approved programs related to that particular province.

6. The support of the governorships throughout the country from the approval programmes of that particular province

7. The support of Khorasan e Razavi governorship from permanent secretary of the festival in holy Mashhad in executing the programmes of closing ceremony as the origin of this great cultural motion.

 Article 7- The Way to Contribute:

1- planning and performing the Cultural and Artistic Festival of Hazrat Reza will be one of the annual programs of the Cultural and Islamic Guidance Ministry and with contributing of any cultural and social organizations of the country with this festival, the right about mentioning their names and arms in the festival will be reserved. undertake each program of the cultural and artistic festival of Hazrat Reza, and to secure its expense by performing the organizations individually and with mentioning the name and the arm of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry in addition to mentioning the name of the performer organisation

 Article 8- The financial sources will be secured:

A) From the source of executing the regulation no 34871/8247 dated on 2/2/85 finalized by the ministers’ council which is the agreeable projects between the Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry and governorship of Khorasan e Razavi, and is confirmed by the government.

B) From the source of provinces security that every year, gets predicted in the budget of Culture and Islamic Guidance General Office of the provinces.

C) From the source of specialized secretaries help of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry about the agreeable programmes in the capital and the provinces.

D) By cooperating with the cultural and executive departments in executing any agreeable program.

This direction has been confirmed in eight articles and one foreword on 28/1/86 and is necessary to be executed as a replacement for the previous directions. 
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